Uboot initialization problem on Widora BIT

  • Hi Widora fans. I am having a trouble to start the Widora BIT system. When i reset it (with the terminal created by putty on windows) it stuck just before the operation selection. The last 2 lines that i have are:

    The CPU freq = 575 MHZ

    estimate memory size = 128 Mbytes
    Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
    My Uboot version is with Widora BIT v3.0 and putty serial connection.

  • Maybe you should upload your schematic of your board. My Uboot version is, too. But I use the Widora NEO board and it works well. You can refer to the schematic of Widora NEO here wiki.widora.cn

  • Thanks for reply Cola. O already upload the BIT schematic (all GNDs, VDD, Flash vdd, reset button, factory button and Ethernet resistors and I2C resistors) and doesn't work. I will try to compare with the NEO schematic.
    If anyone has more information about what i am doing wrong... Please, help-me... Thanks

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