Mainlining SSD2xx boards

  • Hi guys,

    I noticed your SSD210 board on twitter. Very nice work.
    I'd really like to get support for this chip and board into mainline as I think this could be insanely popular.
    Mainline is running on the SSD201 and SSD202D and I think the SSD210 is basically the same thing...
    Mainline u-boot is also working.

    Is there any way to get hold of a board and the SSD210? I don't mind soldering it up myself but I can't get the SSD210.



  • After I test the demo board, I can give you a piece to play.
    It's just that the current SDK is under nda, but I am trying to communicate with sigma.
    I also hope to see the support of the main line.
    ssd210.212.201.202 I think the wafers should be the same, but castrated for different market scenarios.

  • A board to play with would be awesome.

    It would be nice if SigmaStar could provide a little bit of information like the layout of the clocks,
    the registers for the display and audio.

    I think everything else can be worked out from the kernel and u-boot sources.

    Will you be putting the SSD210 chips on your taobao shop at some point? I'd love to buy some but getting any SigmaStar parts outside of China is very difficult.

  • Yes, we put some interesting chips on Taobao for sale, for geeks,Makers.
    of course, will also put the core board and development board

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