widora(MT7688):OpenWrt release 0.1.4

  • 16MFLASH固件,IOT模式:openwrt-mt7688-Widora-x.x.x.bin

    • connect2ap命令增加了网段检测。
    • 增加了web方式配置wifi,默认页面为192.168.1.1
    • 音频播放支持WM8960 D类功放输出及耳机输出,音量独立,通过alsamixer命令可以调节。

    16MFLASH firmware, IOT mode: openwrt-mt7688-Widora-x.x.x.bin
    32MFLASH firmware, IOT mode: openwrt-mt7688-Widora32M-x.x.x.bin
    Router mode firmware will bring wlll field.
    Version 0.1.4:

    • The connect2ap command increases network segment detection.
    • Added web mode configuration wifi, the default page is
    • Audio playback support WM8960 Class D amplifier output and headphone output, volume independent, through the alsamixer command can be adjusted.
      the source:https://github.com/widora/openwrt_widora

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