esp32s2 vs esp32 Comparison Table

  • spec esp32 esp32s2
    CPU single core or dual core LX6 single core LX7
    SRAM 520KB 320KB
    ROM 448KB 128KB
    ext spi-ram support 8MB 128 MB total(not confirm)
    ext spi-flash support 16MB 1 GB(not confirm)
    GPIOs 34 43
    Cap Touch IO 10 14
    PKG QFN48 66 or 55 or 7*7 QFN56 7*7
    WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n and TOF(Time-of-Flight)
    BT v4.2 BR/EDR/BLE None
    LCD None 8/16/24bit parallel RGB/8080/6800
    i2s 2 1
    DVP 8 or 16-bit in i2s0 or i2s1 8 or 16-bit in i2s0
    USB None Full speed USB OTG
    SDIO Yes None
    SPI 4 4
    ETH Yes None

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