BIT3.1 vs BIT3 module

  • BIT3.1 VS BIT3, We made the following optimization:

    1. Ipex adjusts the direction to prevent short circuit of the antenna caused by manual soldering
    2. Rxd0 increases the pull-up resistor to prevent floating interference commands
    3. Cs1 comes with pull-up pull-up according to 16 and 32 core boards
    4. The capacitors on the original back are placed on the front side, and the back plate is not punched in the future.
    5. CPURST_N RC reset circuit has been involved on the core board
    6. Pull-up resistor of WPS pin is moved to core board
    7. VDD_FLASH supply diode moved to the core board
    8. Relatively no change in BIT3 price
    9. Fully compatible
      1_1545988489121_top.png 0_1545988489121_bot.png
      We will produce it as soon as possible :grinning:

  • bit3.1-T.jpg

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